Version 1.641

Released: 2022-06-01

Command da taskq for ad-hoc dataskq tasks execution new

A new command for main directadmin binary is introduced allowing to execute dataskq tasks from a given task file. Usage examples:

da taskq --file=/root/my.tasks                                                         # Execute all tasks from a given file
da taskq '--run=action=notify&value=users&subject=Hello World&message=Hello&users=all' # Execute single dataskq task
da taskq                                                                               # Same as running dataskq binary

WordPress Manager auto log-in evolution new

WordPress Manager is extended to support single click sign-in to any wordpress user account. This is similar to automatic sign-in to Roundcube.

Auto sign-in link is available in the WordPress Users page.

Reseller DNS Administration page evolutionnew

To allow resellers to mange their user DNS settings there is a new page at reseller level Server Manager -> DNS Administration. It is similar to admin level DNS administration but limited to domains controller by reseller and his users.

This is useful for controlling DNS settings for users which do not have DNS management permissions.

Extensible Evolution customization engine evolution new

All existing Evolution skin customization options are now moved to a new customization engine. This release does not offer more configuration options but it restructures existing customization features into separate independent sections. Each section can be independently customized or reset to defaults.

New engine will allow new Evolution customizations to be added and existing ones improved faster. Next release is expected to have upgraded version of menu customization.

Automatic hostname from zone for new DirectAdmin installations improved

When DirectAdmin is installed on a new server without a valid hostname it will get automatically generated hostname from its IP address. This allows fresh installations to have SSL even without owning a hostname dedicated for the sever.

DirectAdmin update multiple download attempts improved

When updating DirectAdmin new package download will be attempted multiple times before giving up and failing the update. Download operation will try downloading from two independent CDN providers - and

This change should increase upgrade operation resiliency and will allow DA to successfully upgrade in location where one of the CDN providers are blocked or not available.

Optimize mod_security log viewer for full-file scenario improved

The mod_security log reader usually reads n lines from the end of the file. When choosing the full file, it was still reading backwards. Changed to use a full forward read for the full-file case, allowing for a much quicker read for large files.

Shorter CLI commands for login keys and API URLs improved

Auto login URL can be generated from command line with command da login-url.

Old command name was create-login-url. For this command specifying user is no longer required, when no --user parameter is provided login URL for default admin account will be created.

Command for creating API friendly URL is da api-url, old name was da root-auth-url.

Old command names are still available for backwards compatibility.

Restored backwards compatibility for local evolution translations evolution improved

In version 1.640 support for Evolution skin custom translations were removed. In this release we temporarily restore custom translations support. This backwards compatibility mode is triggered by having non empty language_list=... parameter in the directadmin.conf file.

When compatibility mode is enabled Evolution would use translations (in PO format) from the /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/lang directory.

This backwards compatibility mode is intended to allow adding new languages that does not have community based translations. We expect compatibility mode to be removed once we introduce native translation customization support in GUI.

Redirect back to custom log-in page on logout evolution fixed

If user signed in using a custom login page. Logging out of Evolution were returning user to the Evolution login page even if LOGOUT_URL parameter were provided in the custom log-n page. Issue is fixed.

Broken login keys list when keys have allow/deny commands evolution fixed

A table showing all login-keys available had a bug resulting in a broken table, especially for keys having a log of allow/deny commands. This issue is fixed.

Reseller access to user DNS settings after login-as evolution fixed

When users are not allowed to manage DNS settings resellers used to be able to help them by using login-as feature. Older versions would show DNS management page when reseller use login-as feature for user which normally do not have DNS management access.

Such behaviour was broken in version 1.63.9 and now restored.

Editing login-keys and showing login-keys usage log evolution fixed

A bug preventing login-key edit page to open was fixed.

Fresh installs have incorrect /home/tmp permissions fixed

Installer script is fixed to set correct /home/tmp permissions for new DirectAdmin installations. All existing installations would get automatically fixed on DirectAdmin upgrade (even to an older version).

CMD_JSON_VALIDATE to allow Reseller User's domains for DNS fixed

When validating DNS records for the new CMD_DNS_RESELLER, allow names and values using domains belonging to Users created by the User.

CGroups: use universal device name instead of mount path fixed

For disk I/O related restrictions, the cgroups feature was passing the mount point to be affected for the given User. Some versions of Debian only allow the device name rather than the mount point. All OSs support the device name method, so all will now use it.

get_named_service_override to only swap service name at the last moment fixed

Some Debian systems use the bind9 service, but named is the running binary. The optional get_named_service_override=bind9 setting allows for this but was passing bind9 to the service action in the task.queue. Swapped it back, so that named is used everywhere, and bind9 is only used for the service control, and named is still checked for the running binary.

Restore of LetsEncrypt creation_time prevents renewal fixed

Restore of an account where User manually created the LetsEncrypt certs and did not have a san_config will prevent the restore of the creation_time file, preventing automated renewal. Automatic SSL cert generation not affected.

Different public_html and private_html document root directories for subdomains removed

Updating subdomain document root will accept only one directory. It will be used as a document root for both plain-text and TLS requests.

For existing subdomains that have separate public and private directories it will continue to work as before. Updating custom document root will cause same directory to be used.

This is a first stage for bigger plan on merging public_html and private_html directories for subdomains.

Login URLs with command allow/deny lists removed

Creating a auto-login URL via cli used to support restricting allowed commands. With this release limiting commands for login URL with --allow=.., and --deny=... is no longer supported.

Adsense as Evolution customization removed

Integration with adsense and its related Evolution customization is removed.

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