Version 1.56.4

Released: 2019-04-16

Custom Php-FPM: global php CUSTOM tokens new

True global CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2 pre tokens, loaded in before other tokens for the php-fpm.conf templates, all Users, all php versions.




where, if either exists, they'll be added into their respective CUSTOM1 or CUSTOM2 tokens for all php-fpm.conf rewrites.

virtual_host2.conf.CUSTOM.4.pre not loading fixed

All of the numbered custom token files for ".pre" would not be seen, as the .post load would overwrite the variable before it was used.

Example of a non-functioning file:


but would apply for all virtual_host*conf, and for any token number.

Did not apply to non-numbered custom token files.

New User to DB needs escaped underscore fixed

Relating to this change to support MySQL 8.0:

Support for MySQL 8.0

Bug was introduced that added users to database:


but needs to be:


Else, it would cause issues when trying to alter permissions.

Dropping a User does not reference the database column if that User is only on this DB, so not an issue to delete.

Dropping a User does reference the database column BUT uses an 'or' for either syntax, so also not an issue to delete.

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