Version 1.32.3

Released: 2008-09-14

add SSLCipherSuite to httpd.conf files. new

For more security, use the following for new httpd.conf file installs.


You can change this on your current system if you wish.


/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (customapache 1.3)

/etc/httpd/conf/ssl.conf (customapache 2.x)

/etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf (custombuild)

Random password button for ftp users (SKINS) new

Random password button for ftp users, similar to new DA users, database users, email users, etc.




<script language="Javascript">


// -->


<input type=button value="Random" onClick="randomPass(); reseller.random.value=reseller.passwd.value"> <input type=text disabled name=random value="Save Pass

Form name must be changed from "info" to "reseller".

Note that there is an extra disabled textbox with this feature.

You must copy the password from this

change SPF record default to ~all from ?all new

This release will have a new default SPF record.

Discussed here:

Existing domains will not be touched.

This only affects new domains.. or if you hit the "Reset Defaults" button on old domains.

Option to add message content to message system notifications new

If you wish to see the message in the notification, the following token has been added:


To use it, type:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom
cp ../message_*.txt .

This will copy the message_user.txt and message_tech.txt to the custom templates folder. Edit these files and insert the |MESSAGE| token wherever you wish.

Note that this token is not sanitized for any characters.

For plaintext emails, this should be fine (to the best of my knowledge at this time)

If you have <html> at the top of your message templates and are using html emails, I wouldn't recommend using this token. For one, the client could send you malicious emails. Another reason is that newlines wouldn't have <br> on them, thus the message would be a bit messy.

Enhancements to this token may come at a future time, if any are required.

API to show Reseller's own stats and usage new

API to show Reseller's own stats and usage

Upon starting this implementation, it was very quickly found that the feature already exists as of DirectAdmin 1.22.0



Changed default backup_threshold to 90% from 100% new

The option at:

Admin Level -> Admin Settings:

Allow Users with less than 90% Disk Usage to create Backups. (0 = off, 100 = always on)

Will now default to 90%. You can still change this value to override it, the change is only the default.

The reason for the change is due to user quotas.

If a User has used up nearly all of his space, there will be no way he can afford to backup his data into a file that will fit within his quota limit anyway, so might as well warn him before he fills up his space. Note that the backups are run as root, then the backup files are chowned to the user, so the backup file will get created, the user will simply exceed his system quotas after the backups are done and the tar.gz are chowned to the user.

Change awstats to show past months new

In the script, added the following command line argument:


This will create all html files with YYMM extensions, so that the full details from previous months are saved.

Interfaces changes (SKINS are not affected) with a dropdown on the stats page with a full selection of all months. Click the month you want, and a javascript redirect takes you to that page.

changed domain limit of unlimited to shared new

Just a cosmetic change. Does not affect the API data at all, or any internal data.

When viewing a User, for his list of domains, if the domain is set to have "unlimited" bandwitdth, this really means the domain can use up as much bandwidth that the user account has to offer, it doesn't actually imply unlimited bandwidth, although that's how it's stored internally. The cosmetic change it to alter "unlimited" to show "shared". This only applies to domain lists in CMD_SHOW_USER.

Delete squirrelmail data with pop account fixed

Coding error, attemping to delete directories instead of files.

Remove awstats on user deletion fixed

With the new awstats feature in DA, the files are all chowned to root.

The system user removal program will not remove root owned files, thus this fix is to get DA to remove the awstats dir as root before removing the user from the system.

Spam with Maildir not being counted (action required) fixed

The filters in /etc/virtual/ are processes as user:group mail:mail.

For vm-pop3d/mbox this is fine, any spam redirected in the filters are stored in spam files which are pre-created with the correct ownership (and DA manually counts them anyway)

With Maildir however, the spam emails are 1 new file per email so they will end up with incorrect permissions for the quotas to find them. This allows them to bypass system quotas. You'll notice a problem because your "Email Usage" will be higher than the "Total Usage" for your User accounts.

The fix is to change the filter to run as the user instead of mail. This only works with Maildir. You must not change the filter to run as the user with vm-pop3d/mbox, or it breaks the permissions as they are silghtly different.

The fix has been setup for new installs, but for existing systems, the exim.conf requires fixing. To do so, you can either do it manually by changing the domain_filter of your /etc/exim.conf:


  user = "mail"

to be:

  user = "${lookup{$domain}lsearch{/etc/virtual/domainowners}{$value}}"
  group = "mail"


Use this guide:

but first delete the file:


from either custombuild or customapache directory, and type:

./build update

to get the new one.

Once newly created files are stored correctly, then if you have old files with the wront ownership, you can fix them by typing:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts

./ email

Note that this script can take a long time if you have many emails in the spam directory.

It might be a good idea to set trash/spam removal first, run the tally to remove old spam/trash, then run the script so it has fewer files to work on. auto purging of spamboxes (SKINS)

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