Version 1.649

Released: 2023-05-05

Detailed licensing error description pages evolution new

Evolution is able to detect and gracefully handle DirectAdmin licensing issues. It now shows more detailed error description and useful information with hints how to resolve the issue.


License Error

Option to change license key evolution new

A new page (Admin level Support & Help > Licensing > Change License Key) is added which allows changing DirectAdmin license key via GUI for admin accounts.

Server will check if the new license is available (not used by other servers or server is allowed to use this license) before changing, and will report any errors.

Change License Key

Integrated error logging service evolution new

Evolution now has integrated error logging service. When runtime error is encountered evolution will report a stack trace to a central logging service. Reports does not include any user related or personal data. Error reporting is limited to JavaScript errors in Evolution skin, error reports are sent directly from the user browser (not from server).

Centralized error logging service allows us to proactively identify and resolve issues even before they are reported manually. Analyzing error reports helps us to improve the overall quality and reliability of the Evolution skin.

Minimum TLS version new

A new tls_min_version field is introduced in directadmin.conf file. The field controls the minimum allowed TLS version for HTTPS connections. It can be set to either tls12 (default) or tls13.

CLI command da build for easy CustomBuild access new

CustomBuild script can now be called from any place using da build command.

Usage examples:

da build versions         # same as running: /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build versions
da build rewrite_confs    # same as running: /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build rewrite_confs
da build apache           # same as running: /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build apache

CLI command da license-set {key} for changing license key new

A new CLI command to change DirectAdmin license key is added. Example usage:


It updates DA license file ensuring correct permissions are set and restarts DirectAdmin service. New CLI command is a replacement for the old scripts/ script.

Maintenance task to detect domains with separate public_html and private_html new

A new maintenance task is available which searches for domains that have private_html not symlinked to public_html. Directory public_html is used by the web server when website visitors access website over plain-text HTTP protocol, while private_html is used for visitors using HTTPS.

Serving different websites based on HTTP/HTTPS is almost never used. This feature is expected to be removed in the future. This maintenance task helps to check if any domain would be affected by this change.

Recommended fix for users who uses separate public_html and private_html is:

  • Check which directory contains the main website that needs to be server over both protocols.
  • Move the main website contents into public_html directory (this step is not needed if main website is already in public_html).
  • Remove private_html directory and create a symlink private_html > public_html.

Maintenance task to detect user owned skin usage new

A new maintenance task is available to detect if any of admin or reseller accounts has user owned legacy skins. Usage of user owned skins is discouraged because it can lead to security issues.

Recommended way to for customizing DirectAdmin is using Evolution skin and making all branding changes via the Evolution customization feature.

Live command examples in Create Cron Job page evolution improved

New cron job page (User level Advanced Features > Cron Jobs > Create Cron Job) has an improved examples section. It will show cron command examples using actual user home directory name and currently selected domain name instead of generic placeholders which user is expected to change.

Sample Cron Commands

Layout Options Customization Page shows all settings evolution improved

In previous releases Layout Options customization page (Admin level Admin Tools > Customize Evolution Skin > Layout Options) used to show only settings that are applicable for currently selected layout.

For example Dashboard Mode were only visible when Default Layout is set to Refreshed. This makes some options hidden when Default Layout is changed despite setting still being applied when users switched layout manually.

With this release options page will always show all the setting for all layouts. It makes it easier to review the changes as well as compare them between servers.

Layout Options

Evolution skin base URL evolution improved

All Evolution skin assets and virtual routes (URLs when navigating inside Evolution skin) will be scoped to have /evo/... prefix. This change makes a clean separation between Evolution related URLs and API or legacy skin URLs. Opening URL that starts with /evo/... will unconditionally serve Evolution skin.

As a side effect it is now possible to load Evolution even for users which use legacy skins. It is enough to type in the /evo/ in the address bar and Evolution would load.

Updated mail queue page evolution improved

Mail queue page is updated to show additional information, have better styling and changed location of cation buttons.

Improved Email Account Dialog for Changing Limits/Quotas evolution improved

Email Accounts page dialog for changing limits and quotas is improved:

  • Daily Send Limit input based on the max_per_email_send_limit option in directadmin.conf.
  • When the max_per_email_send_limit option is set to -1, the Unlimited/Max checkbox will be hidden.
  • When it is set to 0, the Unlimited checkbox will be shown.
  • When it is set to 1 or higher, the Max checkbox will be shown, and checking it will set the quota to the maximum max_per_email_send_limit value.

Software version updates custombuild improved

  • litespeed updated from 6.1.1 to 6.1.2
  • PHP 8.1 updated from 8.1.18 to 8.1.19
  • PHP 8.2 updated from 8.2.5 to 8.2.6
  • MySQL 5.7 updated from 5.7.41 to 5.7.42
  • MySQL 8.0 updated from 8.0.32 to 8.0.33
  • composer updated from 2.5.5 to 2.5.7
  • apr updated from 1.7.3 to 1.7.4
  • nginx updated from 1.23.3 to 1.25.0
  • mod_lsapi updated from 1.1-65 to 1.1-67
  • imagemagick updated from 7.1.1-8 to 7.1.1-11
  • unit updated from 1.29.1 to 1.30.0

Pre-compiled binaries for MySQL on ARM64 systems custombuild improved

Using MySQL on ARM systems used to always compile it from sources. Starting this release MySQL 8.0 generic packages are available for ARM systems making installation or upgrades much faster.

Existing ARM systems will continue compiling MySQL as long as mysql_force_compile=yes is set in custombuild/options.conf.

Switching to pre-compiled binaries can be done with command:

da build set mysql_force_compile no

New installs will automatically set mysql_force_compile=no as default value in custombuild/options.conf.

Updated MySQL and MariaDB compile script custombuild improved

Forced compiling of MySQL/MariaDB (by setting mysql_force_compile=yes in custombuild/options.conf) will stop including debug symbols and tests in the final install package. This change reduces compiled MySQL package size from ~500MB to ~100MB.

Breaking change: compile script will no longer use custom/mysql/cmake.mysql file for cmake configuration and will always use built-in cmake configuration options. This file was undocumented extension and did not had original counterpart in configure/mysql/cmake.mysql. This change will only affect systems where custom/mysql/cmake.mysql was manually created.

Updated pre-compiled MySQL and MariaDB install script custombuild improved

Installing pre-compiled MySQL 8.0 will use smaller packages (without debugging symbols). Installing MySQL 5.7 will continue using fat packages.

Install script will start caching downloaded packages and will reuse packages from cache when re-installing for both MariaDB and MySQL.

Upgrading will clean-up old symlinks in /usr/local/bin pointing to /usr/local/mysql/bin for commands that were removed in latest MySQL/MariaDB package.

Breaking change: install script will no longer use custom/systemd/mysqld.service.debian file for MariaDB installations on Debian systems. This file was undocumented extension and did not had original counterpart in configure/systemd/mysqld.service.debian. This change will only affect systems where custom/systemd/mysqld.service.debian was manually created.

Bundle Easy Spam Fighter with CustomBuild custombuild improved

With this release, Easy Spam Fighter will be distributed together with the DirectAdmin installation bundle. It will be placed in .../custombuild/configure/easy_spam_fighter directory

This makes the installation faster and gives an option to customize it by creating a copy in .../custombuid/custom/easy_spam_fighter

Bundle BlockCracking with Custombuild custombuild improved

With this release, BlockCracking will be distributed together with the DirectAdmin installation bundle. It will be placed in .../custombuild/configure/blockcracking directory

This makes the installation faster and gives an option to customize it by creating a copy in .../custombuid/custom/blockcracking

Move command alias da for DirectAdmin CLI from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin improved

In 1.63.9 command alias da was introduced and stored in /usr/local/bin/da. This release changes the alias location to /usr/bin/da. This ensures that command alias will work even on systems where /usr/local/bin is not included in the PATH environment variable.

Note: Immediately after upgrade active shell sessions might keep cached old command location (if da command was used before upgrade) and fail to execute da after upgrade.

# da version
-bash: /usr/local/bin/da: No such file or directory
# which da
# hash -r
# da version
DirectAdmin ...

Issue can be fixed by clearing command cache with hash -r or just open a new shell. It only affects shell sessions that were active during DA upgrade and used da command before the upgrade and tries using da command after upgrade.

da-popb4smtp service integration improved

da-popb4smtp service is now integrated into main DirectAdmin binary and is updated to be more reliable using systemd journal API.

Resource limit IO pressure display evolution fixed

In user level Resource Limits page, IO pressure displayed a number 100 times larger than what it was actually supposed to be.

Visible menu in Network Error Overlay in refreshed layout evolution fixed

The Menu Drawer when using Refreshed layout was be visible above the error message when Evolution is not able to reach backend. This fix hides the menu in this error page.

Missing mailing list edit button evolution fixed

Mailing list edit button was missing, it is now available again and can be used to edit mailing lists as intended.

Restored live refresh in Domain IPs table evolution fixed

When adding a new IP in Domain IPs page, the IPs table will be automatically updated without requiring full page refresh to see the changes made.

Full system update fails to update DirectAdmin custombuild fixed

A bug in CustomBuild command ./build update_system fixed which failed to perform DirectAdmin update and would throw error:

./build: line 18272: updateDA: command not found

This release fixes the issue.

Rebuilding htscanner plugin on ./build php_extensions custombuild fixed

Older versions used to skip rebuilding PHP htscanner plugin when calling ./build php_extensions. It would throw:

./build: line 11495: php_htscanner2: command not found

Issue is fixed in this release.

Software update notifications custombuild fixed

Due to a bug in CustomBuild periodic notifications about software updates were not being sent. This release fixes the issue.

CloudLinux PHP selector when nginx+apache+lsphp is used fixed

A very specific configuration when using lsphp and nginx+apache webserver mode could lead to CloudLinux PHP selector not work on non default domains when main domain used a non default PHP version.

The issue is fixed in this release.

Duplicate IP blacklisting fixed

A small fix to resolve duplicate entries for the same IP address in data/admin/ip_blacklist file.

Deleting a domain had a small bug due to which hotlink protection feature configuration file was not removed and was left an orphan. This issue is fixed and hotlink protection config file is now getting properly removed when domain itself gets deleted.

OpenLiteSpeed site redirection fixed

Site redirection for OpenLiteSpeed webserver is fixed to be less error prone and function in a similar manner as Apache.

The private_html selector, which allowed switching between two possible private_html modes (directory and symlink) when modifying a domain, has been removed from Evolution.

Accidentally switching between these two modes could result in the loss of important information. Users can still replicate this functionality with FileManager if desired.

Support for EOL MySQL 5.5/5.6 and MariaDB 5.5/10.0/10.1/10.2 custombuild removed

With this release CustomBuild no longer supports building EOL MySQL versions 5.5 and 5.6 as well as EOL MariaDB 5.5, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 versions.

SSL cipher option removed

Removed unused ssl_cipher option from directadmin.conf.

Use tls_min_version instead.

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