Version 1.648

Released: 2022-03-31

Database Monitor evolution new

A new feature that allows showing all currently running Database processes or queries and an easy way of terminating them.

It is useful for finding out problematic (long running queries) or getting quick glance what database engine is busy with.

It works with both MySQL and MariaDB.

New page is available on Admin level, Admin Tools > DB Monitor.

DB Monitor

This feature is only available for PRO PACK users.

Grid menu for Refreshed dashboard available as customization for everyone evolution new

Refreshed layout could show menu items in a grid mode as a replacement for dashboard widgets. In previous releases this mode could be enabled by the user for himself only.

In this release it is possible to configure the mode as part of Evolution custmizations, giving an option to automatically apply this mode for other users.

It is configurable on Admin level Admin Tools > Customize Evolution Skin > Layout. Dashboard Mode Customization

Access to DirectAdmin GUI via Cloudflare proxy new

A new directadmin.conf option accept_cloudflare_proxy_requests enables DirectAdmin GUI to detect requests coming from Cloudflare and extract correct end user IP address.

Without this option accessing DirectAdmin GUI via CloudFlare uses Cloudflare edge node IP address as client IP. This leads to inacurate information in the logs or blocking blocking Cloudflare IPs after failed login attempts.

Creating a new sub-domain allow selecting custom document root evolution improved

When creating a new subdomain (User level Account Manager > Subdomain Management > Add Subdomain) it is now possible to set the document root of the new subdomain.

It gives user an option to use old document root location (inside main domain document root) or to set completely new document root location.

New subdomain

Creating subdomain via API and using /CMD_SUBDOMAIN endpoint now accepts field public_html which specifies a non-standard sub-domain document root.

Usage example:

curl -s -k -X POST -d '{"domain":"","subdomain":"sub","json":"yes","action":"create","public_html":"/domains/"}' -s $(da api-url --user=john)/CMD_SUBDOMAIN?json=yes

Would add a new sub-domain for user john with the old document root location /domains/

Changing subdomain document root and PHP version actions evolution improved

Subdomains page is updates to show actual document root path and PHP version in the table. There are new action buttons to change document root or PHP versions without navigating to a separate page.

Subdomain list

Master login bar evolution improved

After performing login-as another user action, a master login bar is visible allowing to quickly switch between the users or terminate login-as session.

Master login bar styles and logic was improved. Results matching multiple domain names owned by a single user will be shown only once. Search will always return up to 50 user accounts in the results. The search will be executed faster and will use new API endpoints.

Master login search

Running CustomBuild command will show command execution log evolution improved

Triggering some CustomBuild action like upgrading software component or building new software will automatically open up a stream of the command log file. In older versions users would have to manually browse the CustomBuild logs or click on the CustomBuild notification to see the command execution results.

This is especially useful for short running tasks, where clicking on the CustomBuild notification area is hard because command finished up quickly and notification goes away.

Notification area for long-running tasks evolution improved

Added new notification area for long-running tasks (for example CustomBuild actions). Previously, for such tasks Evolution would show persistent notification in right-bottom corner, which would cover some important parts of application. Since they were not closeable, they were interrupting user workflow.

Now those notifications could be closed, and user could use new UI to see that task in progress/finished or navigate to task status page.

Tasks UI

Concurrent cPanel imports evolution improved

cPanel imports feature is upgraded to support concurrent execution. Multiple number of imports (up to 20) can be ran concurrently for faster accounts importing. It is configurable by setting number for workers when starting import operation.

On Admin level Admin Tools > cPanel Import:

cPanel Import Workers

Support MySQL 8.0 compilation on ARM systems custombuild improved

Previous version only supported MariaDB on ARM systems. With this release MySQL 8.0 can be compiled on ARM systems as well.

File /etc/bashrc is added to jailshell environment improved

Jailshell script is updated to include /etc/bashrc file in the jail file system. On RHEL based systems this file is referenced by /etc/profile which is already present in the jailed file-system.

Adding this file will make jail shells more consistent with non-jailed shells.

This change also bumps jailshell script version to 0.10.

Convert cPanel domain aliases with mailboxes to separate domains improved

cPanel import feature is changed to always convert domain aliases with mailboxes to new domains when importing to DirectAdmin.

Old behaviour was to only convert domain alias to completely new domain if merging all alias mailboxes into main account mailbox causes conflicts.

CustomBuild software versions improved custombuild

  • phalcon5 updated from 5.1.4 to 5.2.1
  • composer updated from 2.5.3 to 2.5.5
  • apr updated from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3
  • redis updated from 7.0.9 to 7.0.10
  • apache2.4 updated from 2.4.56 to 2.4.57
  • imagemagick updated from 7.1.0-62 to 7.1.1-5
  • mod_hostinglimits updated from 1.0-39 to 1.0-41
  • igbinary updated from 3.2.13 to 3.2.14

Password Protected Directories for sub-domains using non default document root evolution fixed

Page for managing password protected directories (User level Advanced Features > Password Protected Directories) is updated to work well with sub-domains having document root outside the main domain directory.

Older versions would only allow password protecting directories inside the currently selected domain directory, for example /domains/ Sub-domain with document root in /domain/ were not visible in the selector.

This update ensures you can select sub-domain directories as well.

In some places help links / feature explanation links were pointing to outdated documentation website. All of those links were updated to point into latest articles.

Git fetch action evolution fixed

Fetch action is loading the latest repository details, but would not show them in the page, requiring a full reload for an update.

Now evolution would immediately apply latest info.

Terminating ClamAV process evolution fixed

Attempting to remove a ClamAV process that no longer exists would previously show a success notification. Fixed to show up as an error instead.

Confirmation box now shows process ID that will be terminated.

Potential credentials leak on DB connect errors fixed

Some internal PHP scripts and PHP configuration for internal scripts is updated to avoid leaking out DB credentials on errors.

Issue affects systems where default PHP version is 8.1 or greater. It was caused by a change in mysqli library behaviour starting PHP 8.1 to start throwing exceptions and print stack traces instead of returning errors.

This change affects only PHP scripts inside the /usr/local/directadmin/scripts directory.

Allow having zero domains limit in user packages fixed

A Reseller package is already allowed to no domains allowed, so not allowing a User packages to have 0 was a bit contradictory. This restriction is removed and starting this version user packages can have zero domains configured.

Allow question symbol in emails when creating users fixed

Starting this version when creating a new user account user email can contain ? symbols.

Subdomain content removal for custom document roots when subdomain is deleted fixed

Previous DA versions would not remove sub-domains document root directory if document root were customized. This release fixes the issue and ensures content is removed when Remove Directory Content flag is checked.

Do not reset jail=2 to jail=1 when rebuilding jailshell custombuild fixed

When CustomBuild is reinstalling jailshell it used to set jail=1 in directadmin.conf even if config already contained jail=2 entry.

CustomBuild now will only set jail=1 when rebuilding jailshell if directadmin.conf did not have jail field at all.

Edit Enhanced skin customizations from Evolution evolution removed

Starting this release it is no longer to control customizations for other skins form Evolution. Each skin is responsible for controlling its own customizations.

Customize action on Admin level Admin Tools > Skin Manager is removed. Evolution customizations can be controlled in Admin Tools > Customize Evolution Skin.

Removed legacy Outlook configuration download action evolution removed

Action to download mailbox configuration as Windows registry patch for Outlook is removed.

It no longer works with modern Windows operating systems.

Removed Outlook Configuration Action

Removed option hide_outlook from directadmin.conf removed

Option hide_outlook is removed, this feature no longer works with modern Windows OS.

Removed option master_login_max_list from directadmin.conf removed

Option master_login_max_list is removed, this feature was only used in removed CMD_MASTER_LOGIN endpoint, which is replaced by /api/session/login-as/user-list endpoint.

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