Version 1.20.1

Released: 2003-11-14

Change overselling to specific Reseller Packages new

Allow specific Resellers overselling ability, instead of globally all or none.


                - admin/create_customized_reseller.html
                - admin/modify_reseller.html
                - show_reseller_package.html
                                                - added a checkbox for oversell.  requires tokens as well: OVERSELLCHECKED

Can't setup password protected directories when frontpage enabled new

DA doesn't allow password protected directories to be setup. This should allow both to modify .htaccess files without issue.

Resend the welcome email new

ability to resend the welcome email. This won't be able to provide the password because passwords are one-way encrypted.



<table class=list cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1>
<form action="/CMD_RESEND_EMAIL" method="POST">
<input type=hidden name=user value=|user|>
<tr><td class=listtitle>Resend Welcome E-Mail</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=center>Send To: <input type=text name=email value="|USER_EMAIL|"> <input type=submit value="Send"></td></tr>

Ability to turn php on and off for specific accounts new

This will enable php to be turned on and off for a user. Note this will require changes to the templates. The virtual_host*.conf files in the templates folder will be automatically overwritten. If you've created virtual_host*.conf files in the custom directory, you'll need to adjust them to have the correct tokens (info later).

virtual_host*.conf templates:


php_flag engine |PHP|

into the <Directory |DOCROOT|> setting.


                - user/add_domain.html
                - admin/create_customized_reseller.html
                - reseller/create_customized_user.html
                - user/modify_domain.html
                - admin/modify_reseller.html
                - reseller/modify_user.html
                - admin/show_reseller_package.html
                - reseller/show_user_package.html
                                              - added a checkbox for php. Most require tokens as well |PHPCHECKED|.

Mysql restore/dump feature through DirectAdmin new

Alternative to phpMyAdmin



add the following form:

<form name=backupform action="/CMD_DB" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST">
<input type=hidden name=action value="restore">
<input type=hidden name=domain value="|DOMAIN|">
<table class=list cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1>
<tr><td class=listtitle align=center colspan=2>Upload a Database Backup (.gz)</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=right style="width: 50%">Select Database</td><td class=list>|DATABASESELECT|</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=center colspan=2><input type=file name="file1" size=40></td></tr>
<tr><td class=listtitle align=right colspan=2><input type=submit value="Upload"></td></tr>

php safemode and openbasedir new

going to add to virtualhost templates:

php_admin_value safe_mode 1

php_admin_value open_basedir /home/user/:/tmp:/var/www/:/usr/lib/php/

Show IP and domains in the "show users" screen new

Both of the "List/Modify Users" and "show all users" now have the ip and domains for those users in the table (no more going through 3 screens to find the info)

Changing the version numbering for DA new

With this release, 1.201000 will now become 1.20.1, as it should be. This will take a few releases to accomplish.

Added extra database privileges options. new

Added database level privileges: grant, references, create_tmp_tables, lock_tables



<tr><td class=list align=right>Grant</td><td class=list>|GRANT|</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=right>Reference</td><td class=list>|REFERENCE|</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=right>Create tmp tables</td><td class=list>|CREATE_TMP_TABLE|</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=right>Lock Tables</td><td class=list>|LOCK_TABLE|</td></tr>

SquirrelMail uses for it's default domain fixed

Fix will change to the hostname.

FreeBSD Services Control fixed

The restarting process didn't have the require privileges (root), so the programs were unable to be controlled from /CMD_SHOW_SERVICES. Also made a few changes to the named boot script.

error with removal of dns records fixed

error when trying to remove dns records.

Note CMD_DNS_CONTROL still works.

Mysql databases arn't deleted with User Account fixed

Databases arn't being deleted with the User Acccount.

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