Version 1.02.0

Released: 2003-05-26

CMD_API_ Functions have been included. new

This allows script writers to control DirectAdmin without using a graphical interface. This is useful for billing systems and things like that.

IP Netmasks have now been added new

Admins can now select the netmask they wish to use for their ips.

Updater now calls script during updates new

The updator will now call /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ after an update is extracted. This will run any update scripts required for this update. Since the code that calls is in the update, the current version of DirectAdmin (1.01) will not call it, so administrators will have to do so manually for this time only.

Use full paths and -f to eliminate benign error messages during install. fixed

The install scripts use -f (force) for the install process. This eliminates benign error messages generated. Scripts also use a full path (/..) in case paths arn't set up in the environment

Database names can now be as short as 2 charcters long fixed

Database names can now be 2 charcters long (username_name). Used to require at least 4. Note that the username_ will still be put onto the front.

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