Version 1.20.3

Released: 2003-12-02

API for acquiring important data for the current session. new

An Admin/Reseller who has control over a User can call this api function to get the username, password and usertype of the currently logged in User by passsing the session ID and IP address to the API function.

method: POST

must pass:






Be very careful with this function as it provides sensitive information. It's discouraged to ever show the password on a webpage.

Change /bin/df to use /bin/df -h new

Forces the df program to use human readable output so that the result is consistent over all platforms.

Ability to set the number of logins in the login history new

Ability to set the number of logins in the login history. The setting will be specified in the directadmin.conf as:


If the value is not specified, it will default to 10.

Change all Users data when their package is changed new

When a Reseller modifies his packages and clicks save, the changes will be applied to all Users who currently have that package. The same goes for an Admin modifying a Reseller package to Resellers with that package.

If you manually change a User/Reseller (eg: Modify User), their package will become "custom" and change the package will not change any of their data as they will no longer be part of that package. You can reassign them back to any package by selecting the package and clicking save in the Modify User (or Modify Reseller) screen.

Ability to clear the nameserver label in the IP Manager new

Admin's can now remove the nameserver label from an IP from the IP Manager. It will not affect any dns settings in any way, just what's shown in the IP Manager.

FreeBSD files arn't holding their group privileges when re-written fixed

Fix so that the group of the file "sticks" instead of being reset to root. Was found when the /etc/proftpd.passwd file wasn't holding it's ftp group privilege.

Special charcter support for welcome email message subjects fixed

Allowed special charactes to be used for welcome messages.

Change the API functions to return html safe characters fixed

Some api functions wern't returning html safe characters. Changed it to return html safe characters.

FreeBSD system information fixed

Made the system info support both compatibility mode and non-compat. mode.

It will try to mount the /compat partition, but if it can't it will use other means. Also fixed the "free" memory used as the compatibility mode wasn't showing the correct value.

FreeBSD file upload chroot issue. fixed

Unable to move ../../../home/tmp/file.html6yKBfR to /domains/name.tdl/public_html/file.html

A directory component in oldpath or newpath does not exist or is a dangling symbolic link.

FreeBSD suspend User "Unable to lock user username" fixed

When a user is suspended in readhat,

/usr/sbin/usermod -L username

is called. This was also being called in FreeBSD, but usermod doesn't exist.

Bugfix changes it to use the "pw lock|unlock username" command to lock the user.

nameservers to allow dash in them fixed

In reference to

To allow a dash in the nameserver name.

Monthly reset isn't resetting domain bandwidth fixed

Reset is resetting the User bandwidth usage to zero, but not the domain usage. The domain usage will be counted up the next night and bump the user back to his previous months total.

This update will re-run the reset, as well as change the time at which the reset is normally run each month.

Fixed numerous memory leaks fixed

Wrote a memory tracking system to find memory leaks. This version of DA has no-known leaks. The most significant leak was not removing the temp filename string when writing a list file. For most tasks, this is minor, but when the task queue is doing the tally, this leak can be multiplies by several thousand (around ~60 bytes per leak)

The memory tracking is not compiled into the release binary.

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