Version 1.652

Released: 2023-08-07

Resource limits validation evolution new

Previously resource limit validation was only handled on the backend side, so reseller was getting errors only after submitting a package creation request.

This change sets reseller's resource limits as the default entries when creating a package and validates entered values.

Session Tracking evolution new

Evolution would track user session and in case it has been changed -- forcefully reload the application. This is needed as solution to the possible problem when admin has two tabs, one of which impersonated another user, and second still has admin UI.

Session has been changed

Forced validation for certain inputs evolution new

Previously input fields could only acquire a failing validation state after user modified the input. In cases where default input validation was failing, users had no indication of field that causing validation to fail. To prevent this, some inputs have been set to show failing validation border immediately rather than wait for user input.

Accurate message when issuing ACME certificate improved

Issuing a new certificate via ACME for a group of domains can be successful even if new certificate does not include all requested domains.

Older versions used to always report that certificate is issued for all the requested domains - even when some domains were not available and excluded from the certificate.

Starting this version successfully issued ACME certificate will include accurate list of domains the certificate is valid for.

ACME certificate saved

DNS record values always shown as full domains improved

DNS records like CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SRV have other domain names as the record value. DirectAdmin used to transparently show values as configured in the DNS server zone files. Zone files has extra processing rules, for example any value that does not end with . symbol would automatically get main zone domain appended to it.

This makes it hard to spot configuration problems when some records are stored in full domain form (with leading .) and some in short form. Example:

DNS records before

With this version DNS records will always be shown in fully expanded form. This will make it much easier to spot configuration errors. Example:

DNS records after

DNSSEC is enabled on new installs improved

New DirectAdmin installations will have DNSSEC enabled by default.

This makes sure there is no need to manually set dnssec=1 in directadmin.conf before using DNSSEC.

Software version updates custombuild improved

  • PHP 8.1 updated from 8.1.21 to 8.1.22
  • PHP 8.0 updated from 8.0.29 to 8.0.30
  • MySQL 5.7 updated from 5.7.42 to 5.7.43
  • MySQL 8.0 updated from 8.0.33 to 8.0.34
  • phalcon5 updated from 5.2.2 to 5.2.3
  • wp-cli updated from 2.7.1 to 2.8.1
  • modsecurity3 updated from 3.0.9 to 3.0.10
  • imagemagick updated from 7.1.1-12 to 7.1.1-15

New Messages sections sorting in dashboard of refreshed layout evolution improved

The sort function used in the New Messages section in the dasboard of the refreshed layout was sorting by time and message type, making it look like only system and user messages were displayed in this section and user tickets were not shown. It has now been fixed and will display the messages sorted in time, descending.

SSL Certificates Page evolution improved

When loading the SSL certificates page for the first time, if domain has SSL disabled, there will be no button given for enabling SSL for that domain from within the page. Additionally, if SSL was enabled for that page and user were to navigate from SSL certificates to domain setup page, from there disable SSL for domain and navigate back to SSL Certificates page, user would be shown the page as though SSL was enabled.

Page was updated to properly load enabled/disabled state and support state management.

Disabled SSL Certificates page

Removing redundant information from users delete dialog evolution improved

Improved the look of reseller deletion confirm dialog: previously it was always treated as reseller that have additional users and requested confirmation for those users too, even if reseller does not had them. Confirmation dialog was updated to properly display reseller data.

Improved add/edit DNS record dialogs name input evolution improved

Evolution had an issue where it was possible to enter an incorrect value in the name field in the add/edit DNS record dialog. This was because, in certain cases, users forgot to add a dot at the very end of the value. From now on, Evolution will do this automatically, and users will be shown the full result with the value they entered and the FQDN suffix.

Improved DNS Name input

Backup file section styling evolution improved

Previously, file selection field would only show 6 items at a time. Styling for the select box was improved and now it will display as many backups as can fit within half of browser's viewport, with the minimum remaining at 6.

Improved file selection

Confirmation Dialogs evolution improved

New design for confirm dialogs were introduced. All delete dialogs were updated to use it.

Confirmation dialog

Use 587 port for mail delivery in jailshell environment improved

All the deliveries to jailed exim will be sent through submission port 587 instead of 25.

No cron backups with configuration lines longer than 64kb fixed

On very large servers crating cron backups for hundreds of users selected manually could create backup cron configuration with longer than 64kb lines.

Older DirectAdmin versions would refuse to read and process such configuration files.

With this version limit to max backup config lines are increased from 64kb to 10mb.

Quoting bug in script fixed

Helper script used to start PHP in fastcgi mode had quoting bug that prevented correct sender email detection. Side effect of this bug is that static address admin@<hostname> were being used as sender address.

Bug is fixed in this release.

Recurring API requests evolution fixed

After exiting a page that had recurring API requests (for example /evo/user/resource-limits) API requests would continue to be made. Recurring requests were updated to prevent from firing when consumer is destroyed.

Resource limits display evolution fixed

Fixed the issue which lead to the Resource Limits page using incorrect values or was omitting them entirely on user level.

Email vacation messages delete button evolution fixed

Email Vacation messages table were lacking of delete button, so users were not able to delete vacation messages. It is now fixed.

CGroup limit value in Account Info tab evolution fixed

The CGroup values in the 'Account Info' tab (evo/reseller/users/{user}/view/info) weren't visible and had only the tooltip icon with the information. It is now fixed, and the value is visible next to the tooltip, so it would be clear what limits the user has.

Reply to the ticket feature evolution fixed

Users weren't able to reply to the ticket in their messages / tickets page due to a wrong parameter passed to the endpoint function. It is now fixed.

Reload widget on domain change evolution fixed

Refreshed layout widgets were not reacting to currently selected domain change. This lead to an issue, that if user changed current domain, data in widgets were still related to previous value and required a reload of dashboard to be updated.

This was fixed by tracking currently selected domain and re-loading data for widgets in case domain has been changed.

Calculation of FQDN in edit DNS record dialog evolution fixed

In the edit DNS record dialog, the FQDN was calculated incorrectly if one of the pointers were used; it was using currently selected domain instead of pointer for calculation. Now it is fixed and will calculate the FQDN by using pointer value.

Support for demo accounts removed

Support for static demo accounts:

  • demo_admin
  • demo_reseller
  • demo_user

is removed. Inputs for managing static demo accounts were removed from Admin Settings page.

In-place DNS records editing evolution removed

DNS management page used to support changing record name, value or TTL by single clicking on the record.

This prevented easy copying DNS values without triggering edit form. And could lead to accidental DNS records changes. In place editing was removed, a special action button can be used to edit records.

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