Version 1.640

Released: 2022-05-10

Starting this release patch version segment in DA version strings is being removed. For the last 20 releases last digit (version patch level) did not had any significant meaning. Update 1.62.9 -> 1.63.0 had the same significance as update 1.63.1 -> 1.63.2.

Old version structure were kept for quite some time because of some legacy systems that used to expect DA version to conform to this layout (for example we could not have 1.63.10). Now all of the requirements for version structure is relaxed and we can switch to a versioning system which more closely represents actual release semantics.

Instead of releasing 1.64.0 this release will have a version 1.640. Three digits minor version numbers are kept to keep consistent with the recent releases.

Command for DirectAdmin update new

DirectAdmin main application command line interface is exteded with new update command. It can upgrade DirectAdmin installation to the latest available version or upgrade to a specific release.

Usage example:

da update            # Update to the latest available DA version from configured release channel
da update alpha      # Update to the latest available DA version in a given channel
da update 80ef....6b # Update to specific DA build

This command performs the same steps as script, but is is safer to use because it takes into consideration EOL distros. Using script on EOL distro might install non-functional DA build. Using da update is safer because platform and distro will be automatically selected to be compatible with current system.

WordPress install removes old index files improved

When installing a new WordPress instance using WordPress Manager after successful installation old index files like index.html or index.htm will be removed.

Creating new domain adds a static index.html page into default document root. If this file is not removed after installing WordPress to this domain it can still be shown depending on the web server configuration (index file order). Nginx servers would show WordPress site as it prefers index.php, apache would serve static file index.html.

After this change - it does not matter which web server is used or what is default index file order any remaining index files will be cleaned leaving only main WordPress index.php file present.

DirectAdmin server periodically runs dataskq improved

In previous releases periodic tasks used to be executed every minute with a help of cron job. With this release cron-job is replaced by dataskq execution directly from main directadmin server.

Time interval between dataskq executions is now controlled by a new directadmin.conf field dataskq_run_interval. Default value is 1m making dataskq run every minute (same as old cron-job). Time values can have s or m suffixes for seconds and minutes.

Responsive DirectAdmin server restart request evolution improved

Requesting DA server restart via Evolution used to create a restart task, which can take up to a minute to be executed (on next dataskq run).

With this release DA server can be restarted immediately without having to wait for next dataskq run.

Ability to create login-urls via API without main account password improved

Creating new login-key or new login-url via GUI requires main account password to be provided.

With this change when login-key or login-url is created via API call original account password no longer needs to be provided. This allows login-keys to be used to create login-urls without knowing main account password.

In Evolution using refreshed layout Disable Hotlinks Protection button was non functional. Issue is fixed.

File Manager freezing on resize evolution fixed

File Manager becomes unresponsive to anything when resizing browser window. Issue is fixed.

Ability to select already protected directory evolution fixed

By adding password protected directory, it was possible to select already protected directory. Issue is fixed.

Disabled IMAPSync Start Migration button evolution fixed

There was a race condition causing Start Migration button to sometimes be disabled even after all the required fields are filled. Issue is fixed.

Support for local evolution translations evolution removed

Starting this release Evolution will come with a pre-built list of translations pulled from our translations repository.

With this change we would like to consolidate all the localization efforts and avoid each DirectAdmin user managing its own set of translations.

Support for Apache 1.x and apache_ver directadmin.conf option removed

Option apache_ver is removed from directadmin.conf. It was used to determine if legacy httpd 1.3 configuration needed to be used in apache configuration. Apache httpd 1.3 has been deprecated since 2010 and apache_ver has effectively become redundant.

This change also removes httpd 1.3 vhost templates for new installations.

There makes a change in official templates:

  • data/templates/ips_virtual_host.conf
  • data/templates/redirect_virtual_host.conf

If you have customized versions of these templates please check against official ones and remove all usages of APACHE_VER template variable.

Important: Make sure server is running apache 2.x, this update will break Apache 1.x config.

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