Version 1.28.0

Released: 2006-09-21

open_basedir option (SKINS) (TEMPLATES) new

Ability to enable/disable safemode on a per-doamin basis in the same manner that you can already do it for safemode. Open_basedir has the benefit of preventing php scripts from looking around on your system into locations it shouldn't be, like other user's home directories or listing important system files. The default settings restrict the php scripts to /home/username, /tmp and /usr/local/lib/php (for includes).

Also, due to the way that the OPEN_BASEDIR_PATH is setup in the virtual_host*.conf files, the admin can customize a path on a per-domain basis through Admin Level -> custom httpd config, by adding the customized:


into the text area, overwriting the default for that domain.




Default Open BaseDir for new domains:

<input type=radio name=obdenabled value="ON" |OBDONCHECKED|>On
<input type=radio name=obdenabled value="OFF" |OBDOFFCHECKED|>Off


Also, the virtual_host*.conf templates have been updated to accommodate the extra token (OPEN_BASEDIR) .. will be either ON or OFF.

The top of the templates will have:


And inserted into the <Directory |DOCROOT|> section is:

php_admin_value open_basedir |OPEN_BASEDIR_PATH|

Note that this is a reduced version of the previous open_basedir settings. It was found that placing the restrictions inside the <Directory> syntax will not turn on open_basedir for /webmail, /squirrelmail or /phpMyAdmin. This allows us to close up the allowed paths making /tmp the only global path that users will share for writing. /var/www/html was removed from the path making webmail (saved emails) secure for apache run php scripts owned by users on the system.

folder disk usage in filemanager new

Feature that calculates all of the usage for all files under the directories in the filemanager. Makes for easier disk usage tracking.

This will have a directadmin.conf option to be disabled:


if you want to disable it. It will be enabled (1) by default.

This will replace the usual 4.0k you see for all directories. It will also replace the directories truesize (hidden in the form, used for sorting. This also affects the API for the filemanger)

This is expected to slow down the filemanager for all accouts.. very large accounts may be slowed down enough to that you'll want to disable this function completely.

We may have this feature disabled by default it if causes issues.

If you only wish to disable this option for 1 User, then check this feature which allows shutting it off for just 1 account:

per-user filemanager_du

Filemanager Directory Copying new

ability to copy a directory with it's contents to a new location, or new name, same location)

Mail Queue Administration (SKINS) new

Tool to view your mail queue and it's messages. Includes tools to take action on those messages.

Feature is tagged as beta as all variations of the exim output is unknown at this point. Excessively large spool queues have not been tested (As we don't have one handy)

Message ID lists include time, message size



<a href="/CMD_MAIL_QUEUE?sort1=2">Mail Queue Administration</a><br>

new files (see skins for details):





check for imap directory upon pop creation fixed

With dovecot enabled, if the /home/username/imap directory doesn't exist, exim will create it with the permission "user:user". The fix is to get DA to check for this directory and creat it with user:mail if it doesn't exist yet.

Strange symbolic links are being created in /var/spool/virtual when a backup is created. These links are from /home/username/mail/* being copied during the backup process. Caused by a flipped symlink(1,2) instead of symlink(2,1). Also caused the chgrp mail to be set to the user for the domain being backed up.

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