Version 1.09.0

Released: 2003-06-18

DNS times in the named db files can be customized new

There already exists a named template, but now you can edit those times by configuring the |?TIME=14400| token at the top of the named.db template file. **Note to anyone who has a custom one to follow the new template as a guide.

Many people have asked to find out what changes have happen for each release, so a link has been provided in the update notification email.

HTML email headers to that you can do html in your emails. new

I've added the ability to send html welcome emails, for anyone who wants them. The only thing to note is to have <html> at the very beginning of the message. This is what triggers the headers. Also note, that its pure html and newlines are ignored..
tags must be added for newlines.. etc.. etc.. its a webpage.

Account Creation functions can be used via GET and POST new

A few people requested that these functions be able to function through GET because it would be far easier to do through scripts.




can all be used with GET for 1.09

Ticket system message time fix fixed

The time of a message sometimes says "Today at xx:xx" even though the message was sent yesterday. Was a check for <24 hours, changed it to check the actual day.

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