Version 1.16.0

Released: 2003-07-18

MySQL access hosts new

Allows external computers to access the mysql database. User can use any ip, hostname, and can combine with wildcards. Examples:


SKINS: must add the token


to user/db/db_view.html

MySQL user privileges new

You can now set the access privileges for any database user you create. You can set the following to yes or no:


SKINS: requires a whole new page as well as entries into the files_user.conf. See the CHANGELOG from the most recent tar.gz for details.

User suspend at limit fixed

When a user reaches his limit, the suspend at limit function was still suspending the user. This was due to setting being checked with yes/no instead of ON/OFF, which caused it to default to ON, thus suspending the user.

Modified phpMyAdmin to not allow any database creations. fixed

Many customers were confused because phpMyAdmin has a database creation feature. The database users do not have the privileges to create databases, so this command failed. Update copies a custom main.php overtop of /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin-2.5.0/main.php

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