Version 1.38.4

Released: 2011-05-24

Plugin Author new

Show the author= value from the plugin.conf on the plugin page.

It's html encoded to prevent special characters from breaking the skin.

integrate set_fastest into the new

This will also use the fastest mirror to download the services.tar.gz.



Calling it directly will show all license info.

Call with GET:




to update the license or DA.

backup option for tar instead of tar.gz new

directadmin.conf option to use:


if you want to create tar files instead of tar.gz files.

The internal default will be backup_gzip=1.

This will reduce system load, increase backup speed, (and possibly allow for incremental transfers depending on transfer method: unconfirmed)

The downside to this is that your backups will be much larger (likely several multiples larger) than the usually gz type.

This will use much more space on disk and cost much more in bandwidth fees to transfer them around, no to mention the slower transfer rate due to size.

The home.tar.gz will also become home.tar, when this option is enabled.

The restores will automatically check the file extension to see if it's tar or tar.gz, to automatically restore with the correct options.

It's assumed that if the username.tar or user.admin.username.tar has extension "tar", that the contents will hold home.tar and not home.tar.gz.

It will change:

czfp to cfp

and for restores:

xzfp to xfp

Portioned License display on licensing page (SKINS) new

Due to the permanent nature of lifetime licenses, some lifetime licenses will be distributed in a "portioned" form. What this means is that the expiry of the license will still be unlimited (2038), however, the expiry of the license.key itself (as downloaded) will be set to expire in a shorter amount of time (eg: 30 days). When the end of the 30 days near, DA will automatically grab the new license, and the next 30 day portion will be used.

This change in DirectAdmin itself is only with regards to the licensing page, as it adds an explanation to why the expiry appears shorter than it is.

Holding back your DirectAdmin version will have no effect on the functionality of a portioned license (the monthly license mechanism is already in place)



|*if portioned="Y"|
<tr><td class=list>Portioned License</td><td class=list style='white-space: normal;'>This Portioned License is a license that has a true expiry at a date father into the future than is set in the physical key. The license will automatically update to the next time period when the key's expiry nears.<br>True expiry: |true_expiry_string|</td></tr>

database left in tmp after database disconnect fixed

Unable to download backup


/home/tmp/user1_db.gz already exists, cannot make backup. keeps old IP fixed

IPs are left in the when changing the IP of a User.

Not related to the multi-IP (additional domains). Report is for basic IP changes under "modify User" in DA.

Side-effects of the extra IPs in the VH can be that the VirtualHost will use an SSL certificate from the other IP, instead of the settings listed in "this" VH, hence it's important to only have the correct IPs listed.

Although this fix will prevent future incidents of this issue, any file currently affected will need to be manually fixed.



and remove any duplicate IPs that should not be listed there.

Then type:

echo "action=rewrite&value=httpd" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue
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