Version 1.63.5

Released: 2022-01-20

DirectAdmin internal auto update support new

Older DA version could be auto-updated with the help of custombuild script. With this release DA includes internal incremental update roll-out mechanism.

Auto updates will be enabled by default in new DA installations. For old installations custombuild DA auto-update flag will be used.

Systems that had auto-updates in custombuild will have internal DA auto-updates turned on. Systems with DA auto-update off in custombuild will have internal DA auto-updates disabled.

Internal DA auto-update mechanism is controlled with autoupdate flag in directadmin.conf.

New internal auto-update mechanism will gradually update DA installations. After release announcement each system will wait a random time interval of up to one week before installing an upgrade.

We strongly recommend to enable this auto-update feature for existing installations where auto-update via the custombuild were not used. This will help us to switch to a faster release cycle and to react to any encountered issues more promptly. It is safe to use on any release channel and ensures that updates will roll-out at a controlled pace.

ClamAV Manager (PRO PACK) new

ClamAV Manager allows users to scan specified paths using ClamAV antivirus tool and detect viruses, malware and other threats.

To use this feature, make sure clamav is installed in the system and feature is enabled on user package or directly for a particular user.

This feature is available in the Advanced features -> ClamAV on Evolution skin.

New DirectAdmin CLI arguments syntax improved

DirectAdmin Command Line Interface is updated to have streamlined and structured syntax. All different DA execution modes are now controlled with a sub-command and each sub-command can have its own dedicated long arguments.

All commands are now documented and can be explored with the --help parameter:

/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin --help
/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin admin-backup --help

Here is the mapping from old style directadmin commands to the new format:

Old commandNew command
directadmindirectadmin server
directadmin ddirectadmin server --daemonize
directadmin b50directadmin server --debug=50
directadmin cdirectadmin config
directadmin set key valdirectadmin config-set key val
directadmin set key val restartdirectadmin config-set key val --restart
directadmin vdirectadmin version
directadmin odirectadmin info
directadmin ldirectadmin license
directadmin pdirectadmin permissions
directadmin idirectadmin install
directadmin adirectadmin admin
directadmin --root-auth-urldirectadmin root-auth-url
directadmin --root-auth-url-for=usrdirectadmin root-auth-url --user=usr
directadmin --create-login-url user=usrdirectadmin create-login-url --user=usr

This version also includes backwards compatibility layer allowing old style command line interface to be used.

Make backup archive files rsync friendly improved

When creating backup archive files compression tool parameter --rsyncable is used where possible. This makes resulting archive files rsync friendly.

Same backup with additional file when transferred with rsync over old backup without the file will not transfer full file but only differences related to new file.

Expose license expiry data in the DA error page improved

If server license is expired or not valid, visiting DA panel will show licensing violation reason in the error page. For example using IP restricted license from not allowed IP address.

Before this update license violation errors were only visible in the server error log. This should make it easier to understand any licensing issues.

MySQL settings auto-detection improved

In total three settings were removed from the DirectAdmin in favor of auto-detect. The mysql_detect_correct_methods setting was responsible for detecting versions for MySQL/MariaDB for a correct query syntax. The setting was defaulted to 1 for a long time. Now it's removed entirely in favor of auto-detect.

Subsequently mysql_milestone_16 and mysql_use_new_user_methods settings used only when mysql_detect_correct_methods was 0 were also removed.

Presence of systemd is always auto detected improved

The systemd option has been removed from the configuration and it will now automatically detect if that is a systemd system.

SNI support is always on improved

The enable_ssl_sni option has been removed from the configuration. SNI is now always supported.

Extended licensing information evolution improved

License information page was updated to show more information about the license. It now shows if license has Pro Pack enabled, and actual license type.

Extended DA version information evolution improved

Version information page now shows Detected server OS in addition to OS for which DA was built.

Fields for current version and available upgrade now includes a direct links to the version changelog.

Security issues reported by Rack911 team fixed

A set of security issues were reported by the Rack911 teamopen in new window.

This release hardens various manually triggered CLI tools, and also adds security improvements to the backup system. To allow everyone time to update, we won't currently be commenting on specifics of the fixes.

We recommend everyone to update to this version.

Login keys IP restrictions bugfix fixed

A bug in login keys IP restriction matching was fixed. This bug caused multiple login keys on the same account to incorrectly apply IP restrictions.

CGroup: restore User: sets default to Reseller if user.conf blank fixed

If a local Reseller with imposed CGroup limits is trying to restore a User from a remote box which does not have any limits set, the restore might throw an error similar to:

Cannot create user fred: cgroup error: CPUQuota is missing

For manual/API User creation, this behavior will be unchanged (to remind the Reseller to set a limit). However for a Restore, a workaround has been added to simply set the Reseller's default value for those limits to allow the User to be restored. The limits can be reduced later, as needed.

Cert/Key mismatch if Pointer+sub VH has no Pointer cert fixed

For example:

<VirtualHost >
        SSLEngine on
        SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/usr1/domains/
        SSLCertificateKeyFile /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/usr1/domains/

Where is a pointer, to (which exists)

There was no at all.

MX Records local delivery option save button evolution fixed

Local delivery check box in MX Records page now has a separate Save button.

Database limits auto refresh evolution fixed

Database limits on the sidebar are automatically updated after the DB removal without the need to refresh the page.

File Manager dark mode evolution fixed

File Manager dark mode design is fixed to avoid rendering dark text on dark background.

File Manager Mobile toolbar evolution fixed

File Manager now allows to create folders and files as expected when using mobile toolbar.

Removed session IP check feature removed

The option to have client ip checks has been removed completely. The disable_ip_check setting has been removed from configuration.


Removed show_info_in_header configuration option removed

This directadmin.conf option and functionality was completely removed.


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