Version 1.06.0

Released: 2003-06-09

Option to disable Reseller overselling new

Some server admin don't want resellers to sell more than they actually are allowed to so this features allows admin to control overselling.

Option to disable the suspension of Resellers when they go over their limits new

Some server admins didn't want the reseller to be suspended when the reseller's limit was reached. They now have the option (in the admin settings)

Changing the servers main ns's will now set the admins ns's too new

Before, only the ns's in the directadmin.conf file were saved, now it does that plus changes the admins ns's if the old ones no longer exist.

You can now specify nameservers other than ns1 and ns2 new

Many people wanted nameservers other than ns1 and ns2 so they now have the ability to chose the ones they want to have.

the |domain| token is case insensitive new

the domain and DOMAIN tokens for skins are now case insensitive. It was causing havok for skin designers, as domain and DOMAIN wern't being used consistently.

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