Version 1.642

Released: 2022-08-05

Starting this release static builds in non EOL release channels are targeting glibc 2.17 (released in 2013). Previous builds were targeting glibc 2.12 (released in 2010). This change means static DA builds will no longer work on very old Linux systems.

Ability to import cPanel users from remote server over SSH evolution new

There is new tool in Admin Tools and Reseller Tools that allows importing users from remote cPanel server over SSH.

Remote server root SSH credentials are required to perform the import.

This tool works by performing the following steps:

  • Create cPanel user backup on the remote server.
  • Download backup to /home/tmp.
  • Use script to convert backup to DA compatible backup.
  • Restore DA compatible backup and clean up temporary files.

This feature is available on the admin level and on reseller level. Admin can import resellers and normal users. When reseller imports another reseller it get converted to a normal user.

Note: All imported users will be owned by the user that performed the import. There is an option to preserve original owner, but owner will be kept only if owner account already exists on DA server or it is being imported in the import run.

Evolution CSS customization support evolution new

Evolution customizations now supports adding custom CSS styles and saving it as part of Evolution customization. It is available in the Customize Evolution Skin -> CSS Styles section.

CSS styles can be updated directly via GUI and does not require access to the server file system. It is also possible to make style changes for all Evolution layouts (standard, grid, sidebar, refreshed) or have different style changes for each layout separately.

It makes it much easier to share customizations between servers by just inspecting the changes and copying it over.

More details on how to write portable CSS styles for Evolution is available in the CSS Customizations page.

Evolution icons customization support evolution new

Evolution now support replacing individual icons or uploading new additional icons for all layouts as a new customizations module.

Support for running on 64-bit ARM machines (PRO PACK) new

Starting this release DirectAdmin can be installed on machines having 64bit ARM processors. This architecture is usually referred as arm64 or aarch64.

Note: Only non legacy DirectAdmin code base supports ARM64, meaning it will only work with retail licenses having PRO PACK.

Limit number of concurrently running dataskq instances new

There is new configuration option dataskq_max_instances in the directadmin.conf file that can be used to limit the number of concurrently running dataskq instances that were started by the main directadmin service.

Default value of 0 means no limit. It is recommended to keep this value set to 0.

Simpler Evolution color customization support evolution improved

Evolution skin color customizations is restructured to be more flexible and easier to understand. Colors are separated in two sections:

  • Component colors - colors for links, tables, and other elements in the pages, they are universal and should work with any Evolution layout.
  • Theme colors - main colors used by Evolution layouts and themes for large areas like backgrounds or menus.

Classic theme color is used in layouts sdandard, sidebar, icons grid and hybrid. Layout refreshed has its own separate theme color.

Do not disrupt dataskq tasks when restarting directadmin service improved

Restarting main directadmin service while dataskq is running processing the tasks used to kill the task processor (and restart later).

With this release restarting directadmin service will not impact dataskq processor.

Treat exim log files detection errors as warnings improved

Exim log files detection is an essential part of E-mail Tracking & E-mail Summary features. Up to this point, log files detection was sensitive to foreign files located in /var/log/exim directory and in some circumstances completely broke E-mail Tracking & E-mail Summary features.

This change makes exim log files detection more lenient to foreign files by instead treating any errors as warnings.

Default local_mailserver_without_dnscontrol config setting is 1 improved

Default value of directadmin.conf file setting local_mailserver_without_dnscontrol is now set to 1. This setting will be removed in upcoming releases.

CMD_CHANGE_FTP/EMAIL_PASSWORD to return HTTP code 200 instead of 500 on errors improved

Errors when using json with the email/ftp password change system used to return code 500 errors. This was a bit overkill, so errors will now return code 200, and the error text will still be set. Affects:


DirectAdmin's conf/my.cnf will now inherit host and port from conf/mysql.conf fixed

The /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf is DirectAdmin's global MySQL configuration file, used for user, pass, host, port, remote access host defaults, etc. The related conf/my.cnf used to only contain the user and password, but not the host+port. The host value was passed on all CLI calls (eg: mysqldump), in the even it was set, but the port was not. The 4 values (user/passwords/host/port) will now all be unified in the conf/my.cnf making things simpler for all systems that use this file. For now, the host value will still be passed on the command-line, but will be dropped at a later date, relying on the contents of the my.cnf. Upon updating DirectAdmin, the conf/my.cnf will be rewritten (via "action=syscheck" task.queue call), else all DirectAdmin calls to mysqldump internally will always rewrite this file.

Fix ClamAV not being able to scan users mail_partition fixed

If user had custom mail_partition set in their configuration or globally in directadmin.conf, Mail directory scan will fail by trying to scan non existent imap or symlinked Maildir directories.

This fix allows ClamAV scan to access mail_partition/user directory and prepends it to imap and Maildir scan request paths.

Script causing repeated directadmin service restarts fixed

Script is fixed to avoid restarting main directadmin service multiple times as this can lead to licensing server rate-limiting and temporary service outage.

Sub-themes in Evolution skin evolution removed

Support for sub-theming in Evolution skin no longer works starting this release. It has been super-seeded with extended evolution customization support.

For users using traditional sub-theme, it is enough to add this CSS snippet in the CSS customization page. More details in the CSS Customizations page.

Custom sub-themes can be migrated by adding their CSS styles in the CSS customization page as well.

Configuration option use_cookie_expires used to control if cookies are set with expire time or not. By default this option was enabled. Starting this release using expire time in cookies can no longer be controlled in the directadmin.conf file.

New server behaviour will be:

  • Do not use expire time for session cookie. This means closing the browser will always terminate DA session.
  • Set expire time for OTP "remember device" cookie. No change in default behaviour. On systems with use_cookie_expires=0 OTP "remember device" functionality was not available.

Passing custom directadmin.conf location in CLI calls removed

Command line tool directadmin flag --config and dataskq flag --conf were used to set custom configuration file path. These flags lately been only partially supported and are now deprecated.

Currently only a single fixed path for configuration file is used: /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf.

Support for Microsoft Frontpage removed

Starting this release commands CMD_FRONTPAGE and CMD_API_FRONTPAGE is no longer supported.

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