Version 1.662

Released: 2024-04-15

Configurable maximum number of hosts for database users new

A new directadmin.conf field db_hosts_per_user is introduced which controls maximum number of hosts database users can have.

Number of used and allowed host patterns are now visible in the UI.

Database Host Count

Showing hostname inside new database details section evolution improved

An additional Hostname line will now be included in the details section of the newly created database.

Database Created Message

Software version changes custombuild improved

  • litespeed updated from 6.2.1 to 6.2.2
  • spamassassin updated from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1
  • apache2.4 updated from 2.4.58 to 2.4.59
  • imagemagick updated from 7.1.1-29 to 7.1.1-30
  • unit updated from 1.32.0 to 1.32.1
  • ioncube_loaders updated from 13.0.1 to 13.0.2
  • PHP 8.1 updated from 8.1.27 to 8.1.28
  • PHP 8.3 updated from 8.3.4 to 8.3.6
  • PHP 8.2 updated from 8.2.17 to 8.2.18
  • openlitespeed updated from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1

Server TLS certificate installation command custombuild improved

CustomBuild script is extended to have a new command da build sync_server_cert which copies TLS certificate for server host name from DirectAdmin service (in the /usr/local/directadmin/conf) to all the other services like Exim, Dovecot, Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, OpenLiteSpeed, ProFTPD and PureFTPD.

In previous releases, this automatic certificate synchronization was only performed by the script after certificate renewal.

Starting this release, this task is performed by the CustomBuild. The script will call da build sync_server_cert command after host certificate is updated. Having a dedicated command makes it easier to synchronize the certificates when ACME (LetsEncrypt or ZeroSSL) is not used. It will be enough to install certificates for DirectAdmin and call da build sync_server_cert to make sure all services are using new host certificate.

As a side effect of this change, CustomBuild script will start copying (synchronizing DA and service certificates) as part of web server configuration update - command da build rewrite_confs. Special care should be taken to avoid manually updating some service certificates and leaving old certificates in DirectAdmin configuration. In such situation, old certificates from DirectAdmin will be copied over to all the services.


  • This only affect host TLS certificates (certificate for server name) not for user owned domains certificates.
  • Host certificates from DirectAdmin config are always copied to the services, not the other way around. If some new certificate is manually installed for a particular service (for example Apache), but old certificate is left for DirectAdmin service, then calling da build sync_server_cert or da build rewrite_confs will copy the old cert from DirectAdmin to Apache.

CustomBuild CLI help message custombuild improved

CustomBuild help message style is updated to provide more information.

Software build commands will have a comment if software component can not be built because of configuration in cusotmbuild/options.conf.

Other actions will have a short comment describing what that action does.

New help message example:

# da build help
Install/update server components
  da build apache                                    # disabled by options.conf
  da build php 5.6                                   # disabled by options.conf
  da build nginx                                     
  da build php 8.1                                   
  da build wp                                        

  da build php                                       # rebuild all enabled PHP versions
  da build all                                       # rebuild all enabled software components

Install/update PHP extensions
  da build php_imap                                  # disabled by options.conf
  da build php_ioncube                               # disabled by options.conf
  da build php_zend                                  # disabled by options.conf
  da build php_bz2                                   
  da build php_gmp                                   
  da build php_igbinary                              
  da build php_imagick                               
  da build php_ldap                                  
  da build php_opcache                               
  da build php_phalcon                               
  da build php_readline                              
  da build php_redis                                 
  da build php_snuffleupagus                         
  da build php_suhosin                               
  da build php_xmlrpc                                

  da build php_extensions                            # rebuild all PHP extensions

Install/update web applications
  da build squirrelmail                              # disabled by options.conf
  da build phpmyadmin                                
  da build roundcube                                 

Components configuration options
  da build blockcracking                             # Enable BlockCracking
  da build dovecot_conf                              # Update Dovecot configuration files
  da build easy_spam_fighter                         # Enable Easy Spam Fighter
  da build exim_conf                                 # Update Exim configuration files
  da build php_ini                                   # Update PHP configuration files
  da build rewrite_confs                             # Rewrite WEB server configuration files
  da build secure_php                                # Secure PHP
  da build spamassassin_cron                         # Build SpamAssassin cron
  da build sync_server_cert                          # Copy host name TLS certificate for services

Redirecting to previously visited page on login improved

Login page (in both Evolution and Enhanced skins) is updated to support new return-to query parameter. If this parameter exists user will be redirected to a specified page after successful login.

Use short node name for host name and keep FQDN in /etc/hosts improved

Starting this release DirectAdmin will stop storing full domain name in the host name and will only store server name (first FQDN component).

For example if server has host name only the server part will be set set as server host name. FQDN will be stored in /etc/hosts file allowing all tools that need FQDN to detect it correctly (for example command hostname -f).

This change will allow servers to have FQDNs longer than 64 character.

Note: Since FQDN will no longer be stored in the kernel, FQDN detection will rely on having correctly set up /etc/hosts file. Editing this file manually or with external tool and removing FQDN line will make hostname -f to fail to detect server FQDN.

No items shown in table when sorting is enabled evolution fixed

When one of the table columns was sorted, the table didn't display any data until it was manually reloaded. This has been fixed and the affected pages are:

  • Admin SSL page (Server Manager -> Admin SSL)
  • Admin level cron jobs page (System Info & Files -> All User Cron Jobs)

Admin SSL settings not applied evolution fixed

After opening admin ssl page's "settings" dialog window (Server Manager -> Admin SSL -> click "Settings" page action) none of the previously saved options were applied. This fix properly applies the previously saved settings.

Functional UI without access to widgets and plugins evolution fixed

Previous versions would fail to load Evolution dashboard if user does not have access to the CMD_WIDGETS or CMD_PLUGINS API endpoints. Such situation can be created by using login-key that restricts these commands.

Evolution is updated to allows dashboard to be loaded (without widgets and plugins) with such configuration. Previously it would enter an infinite reload loop.

Unable to change license key evolution fixed

Previously, an error occurred when attempting to change the license key in Evolution (Licensing > Change License Key). This issue has been resolved in this release.

Malformed custom domain items configuration breaks Evolution skin fixed

When custom domain items are used (file data/admin/custom_domain_items.conf) entries with invalid form element type used to block loading of Evolution skin.

Any unknown form types will be converted to text starting this release.

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