Version 1.45.4

Released: 2014-07-01

dataskq pipe issue prevent restores fixed

Relating to this change:

Better pipes for plugins

This bug only existed in DA 1.45.3.

This fix includes the dataskq to the pipe_log method (instead of just the directadmin binary)

Related error messages:

Unable to extract the directory 'backup' from the file /home/admin/admin_backups/user.admin.fred.tar.gz as user fred

Unable to extract user.conf, reseller.conf or ip.list from /home/admin/admin_backups/user.admin.fred.tar.gz

Error while extracting backup/user.conf backup/reseller.conf backup/ip.list to /home/admin/admin_backups/fred as admin :

Cannot read /home/admin/admin_backups/fred/backup/user.conf : Unable to open /home/admin/admin_backups/fred/backup/user.conf for reading.

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