Version 1.32.1

Released: 2008-06-06

exclude jailed system directories from user backups new

A jailed user will have folders like /home/user/bin, /home/user/lib, etc.

There is no need to backukp those folders, they're excluded from the home.tar.gz file within a user.tar.gz bacukp (all 3 DA backup types)

The number of counted users created by a Reseller is not accurate fixed

A reseller's users.list file contains all users created by him.

When the Reseller object is loaded, this file is read in, and the number of entries will determine the nusers value in the resellers reseller.usage file when processed by the nightly tally. The bug was that the read of the users.list was optimized in it's read-in in that the list is read in, then sorted afterwards. The problem was that no check for duplicates was done, thus if a double read-in was executed (which is it during the tally to ensure synced data) 2x the users show up in the list in memory, thus you get numbers that were not correct. The fix is to add a pre-count of the list to only do the optimization if there are 0 users in the list in memory before the read in. This gives the increased speed for general DA browsing which we want, but if a double read is ever executed, the count will be non-zero so all new list elements are inserted carefully so as to not add duplicates thus still giving us the proper numbers.

Note, that you have to wait until the tally runs after you update your binaries in order to see the correct results.

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