Version 1.63.4

Released: 2021-12-24

Upgraded DA installer script improved

New DA installation script was updated to support Custom-Build installation in foreground. This is controller by the DA_FOREGROUND_CUSTOMBUILD environment variable.

Other improvements to DA installer were done to support wider variety of servers and have fallback download location if our primary download CDN is not reachable.

Upgrade to EOL distro handling code improved

This release contains improvements to the DA updater to allow us releasing updates for EOL distros. We do not intend to use this mechanism for releasing new features, but it might be useful if we ever need to release a critical security hot fix.

Set From an Sender headers correctly when "diradmin_envelope" is not empty fixed

A small update to correctly set all sender headers for outgoing email messages sent from DA system to the serer administrator.

It only affects servers where diradmin_envelope in directadmin.conf is not empty.

Related to feature 2939.

Keep issuing RSA host certificates instead of reverting to EC fixed

This fixes the issue where RSA certificate issued by LE were automatically reverted to EC certificate on next cert update.

This affects only DA main host certificates.

Workaround for AlmaLinux issue breaking user direct cron jobs improved

Old installations might mess-up direct user cron scripts by throwing surplus bash errors about badly defined which command. The issue seems to be already fixed AlmaLinux but we are including a workaround for this in DA as well. It will make direct user cron jobs to work on affected systems until systems are upgraded.

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